Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary

About our Mission

Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary is a quiet retreat for animals that hit the end of the road. It’s one that is often seen not just for dogs but for horses too. Often with rescuing an animal there is a considerable amount of stress that comes with them such as unknown schedules, the pain they have from the mistreatment by owners to the unknowns of being transported. 

It was started in 2009 in just being a sanctuary, but later part of our program was to find ones that didn’t need extensive medical care or rehab in finding their forever home. We believe that most animals want one on one care to help them heal their emotions from pain and suffering that others’ have caused. 

What’s also important is that not only do animals need healing so do people. Having the sanctuary allows scheduled visitors to come and enjoy peace of the animals and property. Everyone needs a mental break, and we try to help not just the animals but also those that need a break from it all. 

Our property backs up to a creek, that during the summer allows for our animals to enjoy swimming and a cooling off.