Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary

Our Locations

Woodstock – Illinois

Our Woodstock facility sits on 60+ acres and is used for treating our medical cases for Canine and Equine animals. We take in our animals on a case by case basis as to ensure the quality care is given to each our animals. In the equine part of our rescue and sanctuary, we steer in taking in Drafts (the Gentle Giants) as many can not afford the care and would rather ship them off to the kill pens. Draft horses develop more leg issues than most horse breeds for their use by the Amish (as well as others) for plowing fields and use for carriage driven buggies.

Paris – Kentucky

The Paris location is a facility that currently has 34 horses that have either been retired from the track or from owners that could no longer support their care. The location sits on 90+ acres along stoner mill creek.